Welcome to TLL!

Home of women sharing ideas, stories and art.

It all began back in September 2018 with an idea from me, TLL’s founder and editor, Rosi Croom.

I was fed up with the one sided nature of the music and, well, art industry in general. There’s such a lack of reciprocity with art in the age of social media. You create, you post, you receive likes. What about listening and feeding from the people who you are showing your work to?

I’ve gathered together now a good bunch of super talented women who, every month, listen to stories from people around the world on a certain topic then create a piece of art (each in their own medium) responding to them. It started off by being part of my first music album but I soon realised that I didn’t really need to be involved in it at all. It was beautiful on its own and I love being the conduit of such magic and beauty and vulnerability that you will see across these pages.

There’s a lot more to be added to this which I will tell you about in due course but for now, please enjoy the collaborations and interviews that I have uploaded here and subscribe to hear more about what’s next.